Sandestin Boating ClubThe Legendary Boating Club, near Sandestin, is the premier boat club that many wish to be a member of. Boating enthusiasts in this part of Florida can attest to the fact that our Sandestin boat club offers some of the best experiences and amenities, which include private boating, deep-sea fishing, and water skiing.

Potential clients should consider scheduling an appointment to discover all the necessary information they will need to decide whether becoming part of our boating club suits their needs. Our website offers details regarding memberships, rates, and our current fleet. Among the finest selection of boats from which members can choose include watercraft from Sea Hunt, Cobalt, Hurricane, and Xcursion. So whether you are looking for a boat with enormous power and speed, or one that is more suited for stationary activities such as fishing, our club can certainly provide for your needs.

The Fleet at Legendary Boating Club

At Legendary Boating Club, we offer the finest range of new boats in which people can enjoy visiting beaches and nature reserves as well as fishing and diving. When looking for Sandestin boat clubs, be sure that you will be receiving the newest boats available.

Take a look at the Legendary Boating Club fleet, and remember that with a membership through us, you will not be restricted to any single boat! Below are some of the boats available with a Sandestin boat membership.

The Sea Hunt 25 Gamefish offers a comfortable and dry ride even when the Gulf becomes a little choppy. It also comes with all the features you need to enjoy some offshore fishing. Take some friends out and catch some really big gamefish. Tailored with insulated fish boxes and live wells, plus loads of space, your group can enjoy 360° fishing from this boat all day long.

With its shallow draft, the Sea Hunt 22 BXBR is ideal for cruising the flats and back waterways near Destin. With casting platforms fore and astern, the 22 BXBR is ideal for those quiet fishing trips. Sandestin Boat Club Membership

Then there is the Cobalt 220, perfect for visiting the pristine white beaches curving along Florida’s North-West coast. With its luxurious style and spacious cockpit, the Cobalt 220 can hold 12 people. Enjoy diving off the swim platform or performing high speed turns in this beautifully-designed boat. The Cobalt 220 offers amazing experiences for water skiers and tubers. It is also a fun boat to enjoy the day at Crab Island.

The Hurricane 2400SD has a slightly steeper deeprise than many deckboats and this gives it the ability for better planning through choppier waters. The deeper V allows the Hurricane 2400SD to slice through the Gulf’s emerald green waters in very graceful curves, making it ideal for water skiers or tubers. With an 8’ 6” beam, there is plenty of room for an offshore beach party. It is also equipped with a full swim platform.

Lastly, Legendary Boating Club offers the Sweetwater X25C pontoon boat as part of our Sandestin boat club fleet. Fitted with two lengthwise pontoons, the Sweetwater offers the ultimate ride with comfort and stability. With its open houseboat styling, there is plenty of room for your family and friends to enjoy a waterside dining experience together. The Sweetwater is perfect for appreciating the beautiful nature reserves near Destin in complete comfort. You can truly enjoy a day at Crab Island on a pontoon boat.

Amenity Benefits for Members

The Legendary Boating Club offers the best Sandestin boat club memberships around. As well as the best and newest brands of boats to choose from, there are a number of benefits available to members.

Legendary Boating Club members can enjoy 20% off green fees (excludes cart fees), 10% off any goods sold in the pro-shop and a 10% discount when eating out at Rutherford’s Restaurant at The Regatta Bay Golf and Yacht Club.

That’s not all. Legendary Boating Club members also receive full access to all Yacht Club amenities, including the pool, showers and restrooms. At the end of your day, why not relax in the Yacht Club bar and receive 10% off all drinks purchased?

Advantages of Belonging to The Legendary Boating Club Over Owning Your Own Boat

There are many advantages of having a Sandestin boat membership over owning your own boat.

  1. You no longer need to stress about maintenance, repair or storing the boat for the winter. Just think! No cleaning, no waxing, no painting the bottom of the boat. Ever. All of this is covered in your Legendary Boating Club membership.
  2. The total cost of membership fees plus the initiation fee is far less than the total cost over the year of buying and owning a new boat. With easy monthly payments it has never been easier to budget for your boating fun.
  3. You are not committed to a single boat. You can choose from a range of the best new brands, depending on whether you want to go fishing in the flats or offshore, water-skiing or simply visiting one of the beautiful nature reserves dotted along Florida’s north-west coast.
  4. The Legendary Boating Club is a great place to meet other like-minded people who love boating. It is a club, so it is a great way to socialize and have fun. There is even a nautical boating school so you can learn boat handling and safety.

If you are looking at a Sandestin boating club, cast off the stress of boat ownership and book your Legendary Boating Club membership today! Contact us to learn more about what we have to offer.

More about Sandestin, Florida

In addition to the joys of private boating, guests can also enjoy many more activities that the city of Sandestin has to offer. Not only is this area a paradise for boating enthusiasts, it’s home to the only marina in South Walton and the beautiful Village of Baytown Wharf. Sandestin, FL has been known as one of the most coveted holiday destinations for locals as well as foreign tourists for many decades now.

What used to be a predominantly agricultural area is now one of the top destinations not only in Florida but the entire continental United States. While this city was not incorporated until 1984, it has since become a highly developed area where local commerce and tourism-driven real estate thrive extremely well. There’s no shortage of hotels, condos, and apartments for rent in this part of Florida. So whether you are looking to explore the high seas or simply soak up the rays, you definitely can’t go wrong by becoming a member of Legendary Boating Club near Sandestin, FL.

At Legendary Boating Club, we are pleased to also serve the following areas: Destin, Ft. Walton Beach, Miramar Beach, Niceville, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa Beach, Walton County and 30A.